domingo, 11 de noviembre de 2012

¿Se puede usar #Twitter para hacer un triaje de urgencias?

Anne Marie Cunningham nos pone un ejemplo.

twitter a/e triage?

This picture was tweeted into my stream this evening...

  1. jobadge
     RT @AlexM11: Medical peeps on twitter: 10yo sproglet has cut her hand. Does this need A&E or will plaster/savlon do? (1p coin)
  2. How would NHS Direct respond to a query like this? Would Twitter do better?
  3. jobadge
    @AlexM11 have found NHS direct good for advice for kid medical probs before. Hope sprog isn't too upset.
  4. It looked quite superficial to me so I was happy just to reassure but what would others think?
  5. amcunningham
    @AlexM11 looks to me as if plaster would suffice but will be interested to see responses from others:) @jobadge
  6. Alan Cann used his non-medical knowledge to say no stitched needed.
  7. AJCann
    @AlexM11 Got any butterfly plasters? If you can stop the bleeding, probably doesn't need stitches #TrustMeImAPhd
  8. Dave Lewis, a GP with a surgical background, was concerned that there was no nerve damage.
  9. DrPlumEU
    @AlexM11 Assume normal sensation in 5th finger - my 2p > clean w/ savlon and steristrip edges together. ?MinInjUnit 4 sutures
  10. Alex applied steristrips but still the responses were coming...
  11. LeslieBattenND
    @amcunningham @AlexM11 Thin layer of raw, organic honey plus butterfly bandages.
  12. AlexM11
    @AJCann @rmforsyth @jobadge thanking all - had steristrips so all nicely packaged & happy sprog now :)
  13. So lay advice was almost as good as NHS advice:)
  14. cjrw
    @AJCann @AlexM11 on recent experience I'd say I'm quite in favour #NHS
  15. AlexM11
    @cjrw @AJCann i was missing a few middle-managers and administrators for the full effect I think #nhs
  16. A considered response from a GP in training..
  17. digbyyork
    @amcunningham @alexm11 will scar, but also need to know mechanism : if it's glass wouldn't close without careful examination #glasscutsdeep
  18. AlexM11
    @digbyyork thanks - hadn't cut deep (surface scratch, no blood) so all nice & tidy.
  19. A vascular surgeon more confident that no deeper injury...
  20. as was a paediatric surgeon:_
  21. ffolliet
    @AlexM11 big ole plaster to pull it shut. she'll be great

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